Our 2020-2021 District Cabinet Officers

District Governor

Nalit Patel



Fellow Lions,

It is a great privilege to represent, serve and support my fellow Lions of District 16-N. We are all a part of the same Team. Having been entrusted to be your leader for 2020-2021, I would like not only to communicate with you, but I would also like to hear your voices.  The Covid-19 pandemic is an ordeal we all continue to face on a personal, social, economic and wellness level. Nevertheless, the resilience, strength and intellect of all Lions has served us well in the past and will allow us to grow even stronger as we face these incredible challenges together.

Let us unite and see how, despite these somber days, we can better care for each other, serve our communities and put a smile on someone’s face. Regardless of the local, national and global effects of this virus, our responsive slogan can still say it all, “It’s a Great Day to be a Lion!”  Our District theme for this year is to support each other with Compassion, Courage, Kindness and Service.  So, I humbly ask you to contribute, each in his or her own way, to embark along with me on a Journey of Service!Who is ready to join with me and make a difference for their family, friends, neighbors, communities, and neighborhoods? My Hope Is that each of you answers, “ME!”

Your Lions Servant,

Nalit Patel, District Governor

1st Vice District Governor

Marie Nieto

(West New York)


2nd Vice District Governor

Kamlesh Patel

(Livingston Lions Club)


Immediate Past
District Governor
Cabinet Secretary

Matt Povinelli



Cabinet Treasurer

John A. Pinkus